b'HOW TO AVOID CHEMICAL CONTAMINATIONIts important to keep your workspace clean and germ-free; however, many chemicals and cleaning products can make people sick if they are allowed to come into contact with food. Food safety workers must be careful to keep soaps, sanitizers, cleaners, and pesticides stored in a separate place from food and food preparation areas. If you have to keep cleaners and chemicals near the food, make sure they are stored on a shelf or cupboard that is below any food storage or food preparation area. Keeping it on a lower shelf ensures that the chemical cant drip down onto the food. If a chemical isnt necessary to that workplace for example, a commercial grade pesticide or fertilizer it shouldnt be in the facility. Any chemicals that are in the facility must be clearly labeled and have instructions that are easy to understand.Tips on Food Storage Containers:You cant use just any container for food storage; only containers that are able to keep out chemicals are approved. Non-approved containers include garbage bags and galvanized containers. Also, any container that previously contained chemicals must not be used for food. Chemicals can get into the food from even clean containers.17'