b'Foodborne IllnessBiological contaminationVirusesViruses are tiny organisms that are spread from person to person and can make you sick. Unlike parasites, these nasty germs are not destroyed by freezing. Common germs like the cold virus and the more serious influenza are both viruses that are transmitted when a sick person coughs or sneezes. Sometimes a sick person might cough or sneeze directly onto food. Other times, sick people cough or sneeze on their hands and then transmit their illness by touching surfaces others touch without proper hand washing.Another time when hand washing is critical is after using the restroom. Certain viruses like Hepatitis A and Norovirus can be spread through whats called the fecal-oral route of transmission. This way of spreading diseases occurs when people do not clean their hands well enough after contact with feces. Always follow proper hand washing guidelines to keep food safe.22'