b'Food Safety DefensesPersonal HygieneGood personal hygiene is your best defense against spreading either biological or physical hazards to your customers. You can unknowingly spread germs even if you dont feel sick, so its important to follow safety rules every time you handle food. Following safety rules can also prevent spread of physical hazards like hairs, bandages, or fingernails.Use proper handwashing techniques and wash your hands every time you are supposed to.Use clean gloves each time you touch food, and make sure utensils have been washed, rinsed, and sanitized.Keep your fingernails trimmed so that you can clean under themits harder to remove germs from underneath long nails.Dont handle food if you are ill.Even if you think what you have is only a mild illness, you can still spread germs to your customers. A germ that is not deadly to you could have serious effects on someone from a Highly Susceptible Population. Making sure that only healthy food workers prepare food is one of the best strategies for avoiding foodborne illness.30'