b'Personal HygieneHow do I avoid bare hand contact?Hand washing is a good defense against spreading germs, but its not foolproof. To make certain you dont spread any germs that might linger on your hands, youre not allowed to touch ready-to-eat foods with your bare hands.ABOUT UTENSILS AND GLOVESWhen youre touching ready-to-eat foods, use utensils like scoops or tongs. You can also use deli papers or single-use gloves. Situations where you need utensils include putting sliced vegetables into salads (use tongs); getting ice from an ice bin (use a scoop); or removing baked goods from a display case (use deli papers or tongs).Gloves are another way to avoid spreading germs when you are working with foods that must be handled frequently. Tasks when gloves are helpful include arranging food in a display, slicing produce, preparing salads, or making sandwiches.Remember that youre not wearing gloves to keep food off your hands; youre wearing gloves to protect food from germs. You must change them frequently to avoid contaminating the food.Youre required to wear gloves any time you have sores, bandages or cuts on your hands.38'