b'IntroductionIntroductionPreparing food for other people is a big responsibility. The steps you follow or dont follow can affect other peoples health and wellness. Consumers trust that the food they are served is safe to eat; this guidebook can help you learn how to properly prepare and serve food so that you can maintain that trust.The information in this book is based on the FDA Food Code and is meant to provide basic guidelines for safe food handling. However, this guidebook does not cover every topic or every situation that might arise. When youre employed in the food service industry, you should speak to the Person in Charge (PIC) at your workplace with any questions. You can also contact your local Environment Health department for questions about food handling, certification, and licensing as it relates to your food worker duties.Thank you for taking the time to gain the knowledge you need to become a confident and skilled food service worker. When you implement these basic food safety guidelines in the workplace, you will be playing an important role in keeping the public safe. This helps your community. It also helps the food service industry who must maintain the publics trust if they are to stay in business.4'