b'Animal Product MinimumWhat to knowTemperaturePoultry and Ground Poultry 165F (74C) for 1Cook stuffing in a separate baking dish, second (instantaneous) not in- side roast poultry.Stuffing, stuffed meats, casseroles, and165F (74C) for 1Stuffing prevents heat from reaching other dishes that combine raw andsecond (instantaneous) the meats center, so it should be cooked food cooked separately.Ground or flaked meats, including155F (68C) for 17Grinding meat can bring organisms hamburger, ground pork, flaked fish,seconds from the surface of the meat into the ground venison or game, sausage,interior.injected and pinned meatsAlternative minimum temperatures for150F (66C) for 1 minute 145F (63C) for 3 minutes.ground meats:Pork, beef steaks, veal, lamb,145F (63C) for 15Pork is susceptible to a parasite called commercially raised game animals seconds Trichinella larvae; this temperature destroys it.Beef or Pork Roasts 145F (63C) 4 minutes Alternative minimum internal cooking temperatures for beef and pork roasts: 130F (54C) for 112 minutes, 134F (57C) for 47 minutes, 142F (61C) for 8 min, 138F (59C) for 19 minutes, 140F (60C) for 12 minutes, 144F (62C) for 5 minutes.Fish, foods that contain fish, and any145F (63C) 15 seconds If the fish is stuffed, it needs to be other seafood cooked to 165 F (74 C) for 1 second (instantaneous)Fish that has been ground, chopped or minced needs to be cooked to 155 F (68 C) for 15 seconds.Eggs in the shell that will be served145F (63C) 15 seconds If youre cooking eggs to be served immediately later, cook them to 155 F for 17 seconds, and held at 140 F. Dont remove eggs from the refrigerator until you are ready to use them and only remove as many as you need.Foods cooked in the microwave (in- 165 F (74 C); let standCover food while it cooks to retain cluding meat, poultry, fish and eggs) for two minutes aftermoisture; rotate or stir it halfway cooking. through the cooking time.55'