b'Temperature ControlHow to keep foods coldCold HoldingKeeping food cold is another way to keep food out of the Danger Zone and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. This is called Cold Holding, and occurs when food is kept at 41 F or colder. Proper methods of cold holding include placing it in the refrigerator or keeping it on ice. If youre using ice, make sure the ice surrounds the container and reaches all the way to the top of the food.Cold SaladsSome kinds of salads are made with potentially hazardous foods that are at room temperature during the time of preparation. For example, a tuna salad sandwich may be made with canned tuna that was at room temperature before the can was opened. Once the potentially hazardous food is prepared, you must cool it to a safe temperature (41 F or colder) within four hours of preparation. A better method is to make salads and sandwiches with ingredients that have been cooled in advance.ThawingIts important to keep cold foods cold even while they are thawing. If you dont follow proper procedures, bacteria can start growing on the thawed outer layers of the food before the interior has finished thawing. There are three recommended methods for thawing:56'