b'Temperature ControlHow to keep foods coldCoolingSometimes, a hot food may need to be cooled off so that it can be stored and eventually served again. Leftover food that was cooked but not eaten fits into this category. These foods must pass through the Danger Zone during the cooling process, making it one of the riskiest parts of food handling. Improper cooling is one of the biggest causes of foodborne illness because the temperatures foods reach during re-heating may not be high enough to kill bacteria that grow during this cooling period. For this reason, its best to cool foods down as quickly as possible to minimize Danger Zone time.There are 3 ways to cool foodIn a Shallow PanSize ReductionTwo-Phase Cooling (Time and temperature monitored)In a Shallow PanSpreading food out into a shallow pan allows the cool air of the refrigerator to reach more of the foods surface area and cool it more quickly than it would if you heaped a mound of left-overs together in a large bowl. Try this method for foods like chili, casseroles, meatloaf, dishes with ground meat, potatoes, refried beans, and rice.58'