b'Food-contact surfaces need to be washed, rinsed and sanitized each and every time they are used.In a food service establishment, even non-food contact surfaces, like walls and floors, need to be kept clean as well. When youre cleaning the kitchen and your equipment, change your wash water frequently. This helps prevent cross-contamination.Preventing cross-contamination Wash your hands after handling raw meat.Work with raw meat in an area thats separate from other food.Use separate cutting boards for raw meats and for other foods.Any time raw meat touches a surface, whether its a counter top or a knife blade, that food-contact surface must be washed and sanitized before its used again.Wash your hands after you touch raw meat.Keep raw meat below other food in the refrigerator and freezer, so it cant drip onto other foods.If meat has a higher cooking temperature (like chicken) it needs to go below meat with a lower cooking temperature (like fish). The food with the highest cooking temperature needs to go on the lowest shelf, to prevent cross contamination from juices dripping on the shelf below.67'