b'Double Handwashing: a method of cleaning your hands that involves lathering, scrubbing with soap and water for 20 seconds, rinsing, and then repeating, followed by drying with a single-use method.Fecal-Oral Route: This is one way foodborne illnesses are spread from person to person. It means that tiny particles of feces from one person were passed along to the mouth of another person. This disturbing method of disease transmission occurs when food workers dont wash their hands properly. Food Code: This is the set of guidelines released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration every four years. Local and state health authorities use the FDA Food Code to write their local food safety regulations.Foodborne Disease Outbreak: A laboratory can confirm a foodborne disease outbreak when two or more people have had a confirmed foodborne illness after theyve eaten the same food.Foodborne Illness: Any sickness that is caused by germs or toxins in the food.Food Poisoning: A specific kind of foodborne illness that is caused by toxins in the foodeither naturally occurring ones, such as with poisonous mushrooms, or man made toxins that were somehow added to the food.93'